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Robin and Ron Sweatman lost their daughter Jaime' Lee  and Lil Ron lost his sister on October 9th, 2004.  Jaime' had just turned 16 years old on September 29th and got her drivers license 2 weeks before the accident that took her away from her family and friends.
    Jaime' was an incredible young lady who left us way too soon. She loved to sing and dance and always had a smile on her face.

Jaime' was in her Junior Year at Holly Hill Academy. Where she was very active. Her activities included:
Fellowship of Christian Athletes,
Student Council,
Yearbook Staff,
President of her class,
Double Sexette,
Captain of her Varsity Volleyball Team,
Varsity Cheerleader.
Outside of school she sang and danced with Lois Dangerfield School of Dance and Voice, sang in The Gospel Brass Band that traveled all over South Carolina.  Jaime's motto in life was "Don't count your days, Make your days count!"  We know believe Jaime' lived by these words. 

Jaime' was a blessing to all and very special from the day we laid eyes on her.  She touched so many hearts thoughout her 16 years with us on earth.  As her Mother I was so blessed to have been given a daughter as wonderful as Jaime'.  My heart breaks to think I will never get to sit in the audience and hear her sing again.  I cherish every moment I had with her.  

October 9th: Jaime' did her usual stuff, left for her part time job at our family business, she wanted to meet up with the Jammin' Juniors to go out so she left work early.  That is where she had her fatal car accident on the road just a couple of miles from home.  Highway Patrol said she ran off the road, over corrected.  Ect....

Big Ron and I were at a wedding in Charleston, SC when we received the dreaded phone call that Jaime' had a wreck.  We asked what to do and all they did was scream its bad, its bad.  We were told minutes later that they were going to fly her to MUSC...Then another call came that there were a change of plans they were keeping her in Moncks Corner at a local Emergency Room.  We were told they were doing all they could.
As a mother I will never forget walking in the Hospital and the silence was unbearable.  I knew when I saw my Dads face she was gone.  The look on the faces outside the hospital were so helpless.
(This whole evening was like a nightmare that just never ends.  It started at 6pm October 9, 2004 and still today we a living in a nightmare.  It feels like we are waiting for someone to wake us up and tell us everything is ok.  Jaime's ok, life will be normal again.)   

October 10th: God layed it on her heart months before to leave letters in her journal incase something were to happen to her.  How awesome these words were to hear the day after she died.

October 12th: The day we said Goodbye to her here on earth.  No one ever thinks they will have to say that to their child.  This is something we will have to live with the rest of our lives.  I cannot begin to explain the pain that a mother and father feel!

Jaime' had also chosen to be an Organ Donor.
There is so much we are doing in Jaime's memory to keep her alive
such as a Scrapbooking Memorial Retreat, The Jaime' Lee Sweatman Keep Christ in Christmas Angel Tree, this website, and we have had decals & stickers made for cars, and we have started a Jaime' Committee at HHA for her Memorial.  The Volleyball Team also renamed there Raider Award to the Jaime' Sweatman Award which will be given out at the Athletic Banquet each year. We also have Gospel Brass CD's.  We are having some Jaime' CD"s made. 
 If anyone would like to receive a decal, CD or make a donation to any of these funds please contact us at
Jaime@Homesc.com  or the website manager.

The Students at HHA miss her and I hope will enjoy something special to remember her by!  It means so much to me when the kids get on here and are thinking of her.  

PLEASE continue to CHECK OUT HER LEGACY and Timeline they are being UPDATED!
   I hope everyone continues to pay tribute to her and light a memorial candle because that's what helps her family and friends get through this. There aren't enough words to express just what kind of person Jaime' was and she will never be forgotten.  We thank everyone who has written about her and please continue to do so.        Marsha

The song that you hear is Jaime' singing WAR AND THE WORLD  with the Gospel Brass Band.  Jaime' was one  of the singers with this group of young people.They went all over S.C. singing in different church's. Mr. Oneil Clamp led this group and he passed away two months before Jaime's death. The band decided to no longer stay together afterwards and are missed by everyone who heard them.


Your Dad and I will always remember
The day you were born
What a blessing we had received

Our beautiful sweet Angel
God sent you to us to always love
And you are so deeply loved

You touched so many hearts in many different ways
Especially your families
And your accomplishments were great
You made us so very proud
Our beautiful Angel

Always know how sad we are that you had to go
But always know we love you so
And now you’ve gone away we’ll continue to pray

Our separation will only be for awhile
But until then we will wait to hear our Angel sing once again
What a beautiful sound it will be to our ears

All of our tears will continue to fall for many years to come
Only because we miss you with all of our hearts
But the day will come
When we’ll see our beautiful Angel

And hear her singing in Heaven’s choir
And then for eternity we’ll see our Jaime smile
We love you always and forever

Each precious memory
Will be kept deep in our hearts
Stay close to us and help us along
Until the day we’ll hold you again in our arms
Our Beautiful Angel

To Robin and Ron
In Loving Memory of Jaime

Carol Kiparisus 

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Tributes and Condolences
Happy Birthday   / Hazel Lee Davis (Aunt)
Good morning, I bet your having a awesome heavenly birthday!! But here on earth we are missing you and thinking of you today. I cannot believe it'll be eleven years in a couple of weeks since I saw your beautiful face. No matter how long I'll always ...  Continue >>
10 years   / Aunt Marsha Blaine (Aunt)
Wow, 10 years ago our lives changed forever.Not a day goes by that a memory of you pops into my head and makes me smile.You were such a blessing in every life you touched. You would be so proud of Lil Ron, he's turned out to be such a fine young man...  Continue >>
Missing You   / Diane Peagler (Cousin)
Jaime I just wanted to tell you I love you and miss you so much. I wish I could see and talk to you right now. I have your picture taped on my computer so I can see you every day when I'm at work. You will always be in my heart and I will never ever ...  Continue >>
9 years   / Aunt Marsha (aunt)
Jaime, I tried to get on here yesterday, the anniversary of that horrible day 9 years ago, but the site was down for maintenance. Your mom released balloons at the site, and from what I heard there was a big group. I couldn't make it because I couldn...  Continue >>
Happy Birthday!   / Aunt Marsha
Well it's that time again! Can't believe it's been 7 years since you were taken from your family & friends.If only we could see what you would be like at 23. I know you would still be an awesome young lady as you were then. But if is a big w...  Continue >>
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Her legacy
Jaime's life  

Jaime' was the most beautiful baby and was loved by so many people.When she left this world at age 16,so suddenly and unexpectedly, she left behind so many friends and family who want the world to know what kind of young woman she was.
       We always knew she was special but didn't realize how much until she died.Months before the car crash that took her life,she sat down and wrote goodbyes to all her family and friends to let them know how much she loved them.Some of her friends found them in her room the day after her death and showed them to her mom,Robin.There was a letter to her mom telling her how much she appreciated all the traveling with practices and other activities.We live in a rural area so to go anywhere it takes a lot of driving. Robin gladly drove her children so that they could be involved in everything that they wanted to do.
     Robin has said that most people don't get a chance to let others know how they feel.But Jaime' did just that with these letters,and her mom feels lucky.The letters are a blessing and she is so thankful that she has them.She keeps a copy of hers with her at all times and put the original in a safe deposit box. That's what keeps her strong enough to get through each day.

December 24, 2005
It was an amazing blessing!  We started the "Jaime Lee Sweatman Keep Christ In Christmas Angel Tree" !  Mt. Olivet Baptist Church took up toys and Bibles along with the friends and family starting in September thru December.  
Johnny Mitchum (Jaime's Great Uncle) donated a sleigh, Mr. Sunny Hogg was Santa,  we loaded up and went out on Christmas Eve and delivered presents and Bilbles to unexpected children!!!  PaPa Tommy carried a 8x10 picture of Jaime' all day so people would know in who's memory it was.  We had 27 people to join in that day.  
Jaime' always had a nice Christmas and I know she and Jesus were very proud of this ministry.  Jaime' had also sang a song titled "I beleive in Christmas, because I beleive in Jesus" we played a tape of her singing this the morning of and it really tied together the the angel tree message and Jaime's life .  Jaime' beleived!!! I know he lived in her heart. 
 I want to thank all who helped in so many ways and this is a yearly event anyone who would like to particicpate is welcome.  
See pictures from December 24, 2005.

January 13-16, 2006
"The Jaime' Sweatman Scrapbooking Memorial Retreat" what a weekend!!
We had 80 Ladies attend and raised $5000.00 .  This is also a annual event.  We had so much fun. The Retreat included games, raffles, door prizes, contests, meals, t-shirt, demos, yard sale, snacks and of course alot of chocolate!!  We also had alot of games which included questions about Jaime' so everyone learned what a special young lady she truly was.  
Thanks again all who helped. Everything was donated and it could not have been done without each of you giving so much time, donations and your talent.
God Bless each of you and from the bottom of my heart I cannot thank you enough..
(I'm working on pictures from the retreat keep watching for them to be added.)  

2006 Keep Christ in Christmas JLS Angel Tree  
This year was such a success!  We delivered hundreds of presents to children all over Cross.  
We had 80 people show up for this Day!  First we had a big breakfast with pancakes, eggs ect.  then we had a devotion and loaded up the sleigh and had a mile long caravan.  
We gave out presents, prayed with them and had a very blessed day.  The most important is some have come to church afterwards.  I pray God blesses this year as much as the last two years and that the community will see Jesus thru us.  I am so thankful that you always had a nice Christmas and I'm glad we are helping others have a nice Christmas also. 
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Tressa Lawley has taken Ron as her other brother!
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