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THe Beginning
September 29, 1988
Jaime' was born in Charleston at 6:11am after a 16 hour labor. But what a joy she brought to our lives!!!! Her father and I were very young so we used to talk and tease Jaime' or I guess she would tease us and say we were all raised together.  Actually she said she raised herself.  This is the day that God Blessed our Family with Jaime' Lee Sweatman.  I remember looking at her for the first time and saying that is a Jaime'. The nurse said to me "you young mothers have to spell these names so different."  All thru Jaime's life that was a pet peeve of hers was the spelling of her name.  Then later she started a short cut J-me.  There is only one date that comes to mind before September 29 and that is October 9.  God truly blessed this little girl. 
September 29,1988
 I  think  all of  her  mom's  and  dad's  friends,  teachers,  and  family  members  were  there  that  night. There  wasn't  room  for  anyone  else  in  the  waiting  room  because  we  took  up  all  the  space!! To  say  that  this  was  a  most  anticipated  birth  was  putting  it  mildly. The  moment  Jaime'  came  into  the  world,  all  our  lives  got  so  much  brighter  and  better. She  was  that  special and  will  always  be.
Love, Aunt Marsha
I also was in the delivery room with Ron, and Ganny to watch this birth!
Here we GO!!
December 1988
Mom entered me into my first Beauty Contest and I won Wee Miss Merry Christmas!
June 1989
I went to Hartsville for the State Pageant. I was Second Runner up! There were alot of babies so my Mom felt like I had won!! I even got a big trophy. 
June 1990
After I had been doing alot of these contests I made it back to the State Pageant but I had some bad luck.
(I fell at my Grandmothers house and got a bad infection in my knee.)
My Mom just thought I was not feeling well so she kept giving me some medicine.  After a couple of days I quit walking.  My cousin Lauren and I played together alot and our Moms took us off for the day, when we got home Aunt RaeBeth tried to bribe me with money I still wouldn't walk or couldn't.  So my Mom took me home and I slept all afternoon, when I woke up I was running a high fever and we went over to Gannys and when I sat on my Paw-Paws lap my Ganny seen where my knee was twice the size of the other one.  We called the Doctor and took me straight to the ER as soon as we got there they called in a specialist and drew fluid off my knee and told my Mom and Dad I needed a 4 hour surgery by noon the next day and thought I would limp the rest of my life.  What... I am suppose to be in Hartsville the next day.  I had a special dress made, bought ads, and now I cannot go.  So I had my surgery and was in the hospital for 14 days. 
I handled it well Mom stayed with me the whole time.  Dad came after work.  I watched Winnie the Pooh all the time. 
I guess that kinda ended my beauty contests we just never got back into them again.  Don't worry me and Mom was starting something BIGGER!!!
I started DANCING!!!!
May 1991 and 1992
I had my first & second Dance Recital with Suzie Metts at Moncks Corner Dance Studio!! I wore a green costume and my Mom was so proud. I always got gifts for all my Recitals and FLOWERS.....
June 1993
I had started taking Dancing from Mrs. Vicki Barnes at the same school.  We had our Dance Recital and I wore a pink costume..Every year I took Tap, Ballet and Gymnastics!! But this year I started Clogging too.

Also through out these years I was attending Daycare with NANA.  I loved my daycare.  I only went sometimes. Not alot.  But I always liked being with other kids!
Holly Hill Academy Here I Come!!
September 14, 1992
I started 4 Year Kindergarten. My teacher was Sharron Schwanda. I loved school. I only went 3 days a week.  I would have went to 3 year old but Tiffany Blackmon was the last one to get in and they were full...
This year I played t-ball, and I got a great gift from Mom and Dad a BABY BROTHER!!
I'm a Big Sister!
November 13, 1992
My baby brother Ron was born. I love him very much.
   I know how much Jaime' loved her brother.  They fought alot, but that is what siblings do... Jaime also left her brother a letter in her journal and she told her friends that she would not be able to handle if something were to happen to him. 
She used to keep him in the morning after I went to work and get him off to school.  I was playing some of her music one morning and he came in the bathroom and said, " It's been along time since Jaime' woke me up". I know he misses her very much.

My Lower School life at HHA
I started 5 yr. Kindergarten taught by Mrs. Francis Hart. I loved Kindergarten. My favorite was snack time. I made alot of friends who still are my friends! I played T-ball, was First Runner up in the Wee Miss HHA Pageant, Mom brought cupcakes to school for my Birthday!
I started First Grade taught by Jeanette Shuler. I lost my first tooth on Dec. 27, I wanted to be a school Teacher this year. I weighed 42lbs. I was a PomPom Girl, and of course Mom did cupcakes again this year.
Second Grade: Mrs. Wendy Prescott
I was Ist Runner up in the Wee Miss HHA. PomPom girl,
Third Grade: Mrs. Dale Goodwin
Mom was our Room Mother from First thru Fourth Grade so we had lots of good parties.  We went to Mrs. Pam's house for our Easter Egg Hunt.  I played Future Stars Basketball this year.
February 1996: Disney World
We went to Disney. This is what I had been begging for since I started kindergarten.
Fourth Grade: Mrs. Nancy Hamson
I had my braces put on! I always wanted something added to my body.
I got my first boyfriend Jeffrey Bilton.
I was Ist Runner up in the Farm Bureau State Talent Show in Mrytle Beach.  
I was a Midget Cheerleader.
I sang a solo in our Spring Chorus Program.
And my Aunt Hazel (WeeWee) had me a Surprise Slumber Party for my Birthday I had 14 girls over what a party! When the parents came to get there kids the next morning my Dad was taking Mom to the ER her back went out.  She told them see what your kids did to me.LOL
This year my PAW-PAW started bringing me Roses and candy for Valentines Day!
Mom had our Easter Egg Hunt at our house this year. We took a class picture on out front steps.
I also got to go to Work Day with Dad at Santee Cooper this year.  Me and Meagan Austin went. 

I know Jaime' loved all her teachers and had the best Lower School Life ever!!!  Mom
Extra Activities
March 1994
I took a Basic Pixie Modeling Class at Millie Lewis Modeling School.
That was fun!!!
I was still taking dancing from Mrs.Vicki Barnes.
I started taking Voice and Dance from Mrs. Lois Dangerfield. My first Dance Recital with her was June 1995 I danced to Shut up and Kiss Me. I was too cute! Mrs. Lois said she would always remember the night I told her " Mrs Lois I'll get the knack of it" I worked really hard for 10 years with Mrs. Lois and in my autobiography I said she is the one who made music my first love. 
This year after a few I went to Hell Hole Swamp Talent Contest and sang "Break It To Me Gently" I won Best Overall. It is my signature song.  Everyone always remembers that song. 
I also started Clogging with Audrey's School of Dance.  These few years I ran my Mom like crazy. With School and Cheering, Clogging, Lois School of Dance I was BUSY!!!! Clogging was alot of fun with the competitions and being with Tiffany, Betsy, and Nicole and Lauren!   
Middle School/Activities
Fifth Grade: Emily Simmons
I was a Midget Cheerleader, Jeffrey is still my boyfriend. I made top 6 in the beauty pageant at HHA.
March 1999 had my braces taken off!! But I have to wear a retainer till I'm 18.
We had a Dance Party at Blacks Camp for my 10th Birthday.
Sixth Grade: Connie Shuler
We had Fun!  Tiffany and I decided to go to the Middle School Prom I went with Jamie Mizzell and Tiff went with Jeffrey.  Of course her and I danced the night away. And yes, Mom was there taking pictures. 
I cheered and was still at Lois'. 
This is the year I started with The Gospel Brass too...
Seventh Grade: Dana Shuler was my Homeroom Teacher
I cheered for the JV Basketball. My best friend Brittany Murray was still here.  But she left after this.
Last Minute Tiff and I decided to go to the Middle School Prom so that day we found dresses and Ruthie fixed them. Mom had Megan, Tiff, Lauren and Rebecca over for my B-Day.
Eighth Grade: Coach Al Hay was my Homeroom Teaher
Oh boy! Now Tiff and I were inseperable.  Mom and Ms. Pam coached and Tiff and I played Volleyball. 
Ms. Pam made me cupcakes for my Birthday at the Volleyball game. 
Ganny and Paw-Paw took me to The Grand Canyon I told my family it was a big whole.  I flew for the first and last time. 
I won at the Literay Meet: First Place Middle School Oral Interputation.
The Gospel Brass Band / Jaime' a member for 5 years

  Robin Writes:
When Jaime' was in the 2nd grade we went to Friendship Methodist Church to hear The Gospel Brass Band.  Jaime' just loved it.  As we were sitting there Jaime' looked up at me and said "Mom I'm going to do this one day."  I thought to myself ok. 
Summer of 1999 we met Mr. Oneil Clamp the director of the Band at the Moncks Corner Fourth of July Festival and he heard Jaime' sing and said he would like to work with her. So we went over he worked with her one afternoon and said he liked what he heard and gave Jaime' some tapes to learn the songs. In two weeks she knew all the songs. 
I am so proud of Jaime' this is one of her goals she set for herself and actually got to accomplish it. I'll never be able to put it into words what enjoyment I received from watching and listening to Jaime'. Mr. Clamp died two months before Jaime' . Jaime' had attended the meeting the Saturday before her accident that made the decision to end The Gospel Brass Band. Mr. Clamp had a very strong testomony about how God had taken Alcohol from him after 25 years. I thank Mr. Clamp, his family and The Gospel Brass family for all the memories made over the 5  years Jaime' was in the Gospel Brass Band!!   

Summer after 8th Grade

I had a busy summer. Tiff and I went to three Volleyball Camps!  Worked at Blacks, spent a week at Folly Beach, a couple of weeks at Edisto.   
After our week at Folly Beach, Mom and Dad dropped me off at a Studio on James Island for The Gospel Brass to make a CD.  We spent the whole day their singing!  We got pictures just like on TV with the Headphones on our heads!  

Tiffany, Meagan Austin and myself went to Clemson for a Volleyball Camp! I had so much fun. My coach even wrote on my evaluation that I had a great attitude, hussled, and very coachable!  We went to Northwoods Academy for a camp too. And Mom and Ms. Pam always have a camp at our school also. 

RB Blackmon started liking me this summer. It was funny all of a sudden he was hanging out at Blacks, and coming over to help my brother with Baseball techniques. 
I enjoyed all of my Summer...

High School at HHA
Freshman Year  2002-2003

Yeh we are the Fresh Freshmen!!  We are in High School.  
The last Day of eighth grade Mom took a page out of my scrapbook to school for my friends to sign some of the notes were:
I think our Freshman year will be great because we will finally be in high school. Love, Nicole
We will finally be in high school next year. That's so hard to beleive. I think it will be fun, but hard.  Tiffany B.
It will be cool.  Jeff Bilton
I think next year will be fun except for math! We will have so much fun and stuff.  Besty Bull

I am so excited I was voted President of My Class. So now I'm on Student Council too.  Last year I also got my Academic Letter.
My activities this year are:  Captain of the JV Volleyball Team, Double Sexette OOOHH MY GOSH I was so excited about this too I got the first solo in the Sexette at HHA!! I was a varsity Cheerleader and ofcourse I'm still in the Gospel Brass.

Life is Great...Tiff and I are having a blast...Duh...We went to the School Dance after the Homecoming Game, we hung out at the Basketball Games.  I was singing the National Athem  at the Home Football games.  
I also went to Mrytle Beach for the Student Council Convention.
I sang at the Lower School HHA Beauty Contest.  And I made the top 8 in our high school contest!

In Volleyball Tiffany and I wanted to play with Kerry Metzendorf,  Kayla Dantzler, and Miranda Sanders so Mom let us move up to Varsity at Beaufort Academy and play two games with these girls! 

Then The Varsity Girls won First place in the Conference so we went to the State Playoffs and Tiff and I got to move up also.
We won the Lower State Campions!! We got in the paper and everything. Had pep rally and then we played Pee Dee for the State Championship and got Second Place. But we all had a fun time thru it all! Mom and Ms. Pam were Coaches of the Year in the Conference and the T & D Paper!

This year I also became good friends with Richard Cummings!

The worst thing happened to me this year... One Sunday in November I woke up with a sore throat felt bad, almost could not sing with Double Sexette but I made it thru. Mom was in Myrtle Beach on her annual Christmas shopping trip I called her and she told me what to take.  On Monday I felt soo much worse so on Tuesday Mom took me to the Doctor got meds.  and I only got Worse. Mom called the doctor back went and got more meds.  I got worse. Mom called back and told the doctor I could not pick up my head.  I felt like death. Could not eat, walk nothing. It was horrible... Anyway the doctor called Mom and told her he hated it but he thought I had MONO!  Sure enough went back got tested it was mono. Right before Thanksgiving break.  So I took some time-off from school. 
When I went back I had no energy so I had to drag my book bag around. But there is always a good side to everything!  
I was dragging my bookbag thru the hall and Jack Wiggins asked me what was wrong. I told him I had Mono and he carried my books to class for me.  After each period was over that day he came and found me and carried by books. I was so excited!! Getting Mono was so worth it.
I got the Raider Award in Volleyball and I went to the Prom with Bryan Hood from Gospel Brass.  I sang at Hell Hole Swamp Festival in Jamestown and won Best Music in my age group!
I think that is all my excitment in the 9th grade.  Looking forward to my Sophmore year...

Summer 2003

October 9, 2004
This  was  by  far  the  worst  day  of  our  lives. Jaime'  had  left  work  at  6:00 pm  so  she  could  meet  up  with  friends.  She  was  a  waitress  at  the  family's  restaurant  and  on  her  way  home  she  ran  her  Ford  Explorer  off  the  road  and  over  corrected  which  caused  her  to  flip.  She  had  only  had  her  drivers  license  for  2  weeks  and  had  just  turned  16  ten  days  before  that. I  can  only  guess  that  God  needed  her  more  than we  did  but  it's  been  the  most  painful  time  of  our  lives.  I  pray  that  this  message  will  make  teens  realize  that  it  can  happen  to  them  and  they  need  to  tell  their  families  and  friends  how  much  they  mean  to  them  like  Jaime'  did.  God  Bless.
When Jaime' left this world, she left behind a loving family and friends who were like family.
Her maternal grandparents are Allan and Vi Weiss
Her paternal grandparents are Tommy and Phyllis Sweatman
Her Aunt and Uncle-Hazel Lee and Kevin Davis 
Teresa and Dwayne Sweatman
Cousins Bud , AnnaLee, Sharon, Morgan
An honorary grandmother, Myrna Jeffcoat
A second mother Pam Graham
Her special group of friends that were really her 'sisters'----
And her boyfriend Steven.
If I forgot anyone,I'm sorry but Jaime' knows who you are.
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