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Jaime' was the most beautiful baby and was loved by so many people.When she left this world at age 16,so suddenly and unexpectedly, she left behind so many friends and family who want the world to know what kind of young woman she was.
       We always knew she was special but didn't realize how much until she died.Months before the car crash that took her life,she sat down and wrote goodbyes to all her family and friends to let them know how much she loved them.Some of her friends found them in her room the day after her death and showed them to her mom,Robin.There was a letter to her mom telling her how much she appreciated all the traveling with practices and other activities.We live in a rural area so to go anywhere it takes a lot of driving. Robin gladly drove her children so that they could be involved in everything that they wanted to do.
     Robin has said that most people don't get a chance to let others know how they feel.But Jaime' did just that with these letters,and her mom feels lucky.The letters are a blessing and she is so thankful that she has them.She keeps a copy of hers with her at all times and put the original in a safe deposit box. That's what keeps her strong enough to get through each day.

December 24, 2005
It was an amazing blessing!  We started the "Jaime Lee Sweatman Keep Christ In Christmas Angel Tree" !  Mt. Olivet Baptist Church took up toys and Bibles along with the friends and family starting in September thru December.  
Johnny Mitchum (Jaime's Great Uncle) donated a sleigh, Mr. Sunny Hogg was Santa,  we loaded up and went out on Christmas Eve and delivered presents and Bilbles to unexpected children!!!  PaPa Tommy carried a 8x10 picture of Jaime' all day so people would know in who's memory it was.  We had 27 people to join in that day.  
Jaime' always had a nice Christmas and I know she and Jesus were very proud of this ministry.  Jaime' had also sang a song titled "I beleive in Christmas, because I beleive in Jesus" we played a tape of her singing this the morning of and it really tied together the the angel tree message and Jaime's life .  Jaime' beleived!!! I know he lived in her heart. 
 I want to thank all who helped in so many ways and this is a yearly event anyone who would like to particicpate is welcome.  
See pictures from December 24, 2005.

January 13-16, 2006
"The Jaime' Sweatman Scrapbooking Memorial Retreat" what a weekend!!
We had 80 Ladies attend and raised $5000.00 .  This is also a annual event.  We had so much fun. The Retreat included games, raffles, door prizes, contests, meals, t-shirt, demos, yard sale, snacks and of course alot of chocolate!!  We also had alot of games which included questions about Jaime' so everyone learned what a special young lady she truly was.  
Thanks again all who helped. Everything was donated and it could not have been done without each of you giving so much time, donations and your talent.
God Bless each of you and from the bottom of my heart I cannot thank you enough..
(I'm working on pictures from the retreat keep watching for them to be added.)  

2006 Keep Christ in Christmas JLS Angel Tree  
This year was such a success!  We delivered hundreds of presents to children all over Cross.  
We had 80 people show up for this Day!  First we had a big breakfast with pancakes, eggs ect.  then we had a devotion and loaded up the sleigh and had a mile long caravan.  
We gave out presents, prayed with them and had a very blessed day.  The most important is some have come to church afterwards.  I pray God blesses this year as much as the last two years and that the community will see Jesus thru us.  I am so thankful that you always had a nice Christmas and I'm glad we are helping others have a nice Christmas also. 
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